Bahrain Authorities Arrest Ali Mhanna After Announcing Protest Outside Interior Ministry Demanding His Son's Release

Activist Ali Mhanna speaking in a video
Activist Ali Mhanna speaking in a video

2024-05-14 - 12:18 م

Bahrain Mirror: Security authorities in Bahrain arrested activist Ali Mhanna on Sunday, May 12, 2024, after his announcement of participating in a protest outside the Ministry of Interior headquarters in the capital Manama, demanding the release of his son, political prisoner Hussein Mhanna.

Mhanna stated in a video, "I am now heading to the Ministry of Interior with a message demanding the immediate release of my son, following the example of those released on Eid al-Fitr, as he is a prisoner of conscience entitled to freedom without conditions."

As he was putting out this statement in the video, Mhanna was holding a loaf of bread, which he expressed symbolizes his son's hunger, who has also been deprived of contact for over a month.


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