Sheikh Sanqour: Reform Made by Repression and Harsh Security Measures Doesn't Last

2023-01-28 - 8:55 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour stressed in a speech on the need to adhere to justice and fairness in managing the affairs of the country and its people, by caring for and preserving people's rights, creating equal opportunities for all and rejecting all forms of discrimination.

In his Friday sermon delivered at the Imam al-Sadiq Mosque in Bahrain's Diraz (January 27, 2023), Sanqour said that, "Whoever relies on anything other than justice and fairness in managing the affairs of the country and the people has erred in the path of security and stability.  Sustainability of security and stability is neither possible nor obtained without the adoption of justice and fairness as a basis for managing the affairs of the country and people. What appears to be reform made by repression and opting for security measures, if considered to be reform in the first place, isn't stable or sustainable at all. That is because it is based on a foundation that would crack and collapse at the slightest event. The foundation that protects countries from harm is justice, as the Commander of the Faithful, peace be upon him, said: ‘Justice is the strongest foundation, and it is the paradise of nations.'"

He went on to say that what is meant by justice, which people seek is caring for and preserving their rights, as well as protecting them. "Justice means equal opportunities in various matters, including rights, administrative and political functions, and privileges, and it is the rejection of all forms of discrimination that perpetuates marginalization and exclusion of a party or group of people on the basis of sectarian, ethnic, regional, or any other reason," he highlighted.

"Justice means equality between all components of society in the different aspects of life in terms of dignity, decent livelihood, education, health, housing, work, among other similar things. Justice means a balanced and equitable distribution of wealth and equal chances in enjoying resources, benefits, and gains."

He further stressed that the good that Justice brings is not limited to establishing security and stability, but it is rather the source of all good. With it, homelands flourish, prosperity prevails, and people enjoy their lives in contentment."

On another note, Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour denounced the repeated attacks of burning the Holy Quran, attributing these "successive and systematic abuses against the Holy Quran" to the ongoing work aimed at limiting the influence and effectiveness of the Holy Quran, adding that "they overlooked the fact that these means contribute to deepening the relationship of Muslims with their Quran."

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