Activists Protest in Front of Royal Windsor Horse Show Attended by King of Bahrain

2022-05-14 - 1:42 م

Bahrain Mirror: Activists have condemned a visit by members of Bahrain's ruling family to the UK to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

A number of Bahraini royals, including King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, traveled to the UK to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show, held between 12 and 15 May.

The event is a key date in the British and Bahraini royal families' summer schedules. King Hamad regularly attends and Bahrain sponsors competitions at the event.

However, a number of organizations, including the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (Bird) and the Campaign Against Arms Trade (Caat) protested outside the event.

Bahraini activist Ali Mushaima, whose father Mr. Hasan Mushaima, Haq Movement leader is sentenced to life in jail and suffers a difficult health condition and has been in solitary confinement for several months, protested.

The protesting organizations said that the UK is rolling out the "red carpet" for the Bahraini royals even as political prisoners in the kingdom continue to suffer abuse and false imprisonment.

Caat described the event as "sportswashing" and pointed out that a number of events were even named after Bahrain, including the "Kingdom of Bahrain Stakes for the King's Cup". 

"Ruthless Bahraini dictator, King Hamad gets red carpet treatment whilst his victims, like Dr. Al-Singace on a 300+ day hunger strike, suffer appalling abuse in Bahrain," tweeted Bird. "We won't let this stand."

Abduljalil Al-Singace is a human rights activist and a member in the Haq Movement.  He has been in jail since 2011 and is sentenced to life in prison over taking part in anti-government demonstrations.

He began a hunger strike in July 2021 after the confiscation of research materials from his cell in Jaw prison, in eastern Bahrain.

Singace reportedly suffers from chronic medical conditions, including post-polio syndrome, and requires crutches or a wheelchair to move. According to a communication sent by three UN special rapporteurs to the Bahraini government, his health has severely worsened during his hunger strike.

Since the uprising, Bahrain has outlawed opposition parties and arrested dozens of activists, sparking international criticism.

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