FIFA Fines Bahrain BD 7600 for Disrespecting Iranian Anthem

2019-11-18 - 7:19 م

Bahrain Mirror: FIFA, football's world governing body, has fined Bahrain's football federation 20,000 Swiss francs after its fans disrespected the Iranian national anthem before a World Cup qualifying game last month.

According to the latest announcement of FIFA's Disciplinary Committee, published on Friday, Bahrain has been fined with 20,000 Swiss francs for "Order and security at matches (overcrowded stadium; booing the national anthem)" and also for "Misconduct of players and officials (delayed kick-off)".

The match started with a controversial move by Bahraini fans and even a weirder reaction by Bahraini players on the pitch. As soon as Iran's national anthem was played, fans started booing and making a lot of noise while Bahraini players laughed at the fan's action.

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