Trial of Al-Araibi Adjourned until April 22 for Defense

2019-02-04 - 10:55 م

Bahrain Mirror: Lawyer of Bahraini refugee Hakeem Al-Araibi said the court has given her 60 days to submit the defense's case.

The judge rejected Al-Araibi's release on bail until the next session and insisted on keeping him in prison. The judge decided to grant Al-Araibi's lawyer a chance until April 5 to present the plea. The next session will be held in April 22.

Al-Araibi denied in front of the judge the charges brought against him by the Bahraini authorities.

Reporters, activists, and officials, including Australian ambassador-designate to Thailand Allan McKinnon, waited to greet Araibi, who was led into the courthouse wearing a beige prison uniform.

Al-Araibi told media outlets on his arrival to the court "I ask Australia not to allow sending me back to Bahrain. They want to kill me".

For his part the Former Australia captain Craig Foster who was posting live the moment Al-Araibi arrived the court via his Twitter account said "Australia, the Australians and football community stand by you. Stay strong". 

The trial was attended by representatives of Governments: Australia, United States of America, Britain, Belgium, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, the European Union, Denmark, Canada, Germany, France, Norway, and representatives of the International Federation of Football, and Human Rights Watch.

"Send my greetings to my wife. Tell her I love her," he told media outlets as he left court today.

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