Thailand Says It will Follow Int’l Norms on Deportations after Rahaf Al-Qunun Left to Canada

2019-01-18 - 3:03 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Diplomat Nigel Gould-Davies‏, fellow at Chatham House, posted a tweet in which he pointed out to statement of head of Thai immigration, Surachate Hakparn, after Rahaf Al-Qunun left Saudi Arabia to Canada, in which he said that Thailand will follow international norms on deportations.

Commenting on Hakparn statements, one of the tweeters asked "Really, Are you going to release the Bahraini football player?"

Hakparn said this statement in an interview with FCC, meanwhile, it seems that it is a whitewashing of media role, as the club indicated in the invitation text that Hakparn was at the center of this international drama caused by Rahaf case.

Rahad Al-Qunun posted on January 10 a tweet in support of Hakeem Al-Araibi. Using #SaveHakeem, Rahaf wrote "Please help him. Same story. Don't forget Hakeem. I'm with you." 

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