Bahrain’s Health Ministry Promises to Recruit Unemployed Doctors, Urging them to be Patient

2015-06-09 - 11:38 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Minister of Health, Sadiq Al Shehabi, received in his office in the ministry's complex in Juffair (June 3, 2015) a group of youth doctors (2012 and 2013 graduates) to discuss their delayed employment in the ministry of health and listen to their comments in this regard. The meeting was held in the presence of the assistant undersecretary for training and planning, Dr. Mohammed Amin Al Awadhi, the assistant undersecretary for hospitals, Dr. Waleed Al-Manea, the assistant undersecretary for human resources and services, Fatima Abdulwahid, the Legal Advisor, Ousama Al-Amir and the training director, Mohamed Al-Suwaidi.

The minister of health made it clear to the doctors that the government is concerned about their issue, stressing that he appreciates and completely feels the emotional suffering they are experiencing. He also promised them that "the recruitment process will take place, God willing," and urged them to be patient until enough and suitable vacancies are available.

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