Al-Wefaq: Salman’s Fair Trial Guarantees Have Gone with the Wind

2015-05-22 - 11:37 م

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic society stated, on Wednesday (May 20, 2015) that the developments of the trial of Al-Wefaq's Secretary General, Sheikh Ali Salman, represented a clear and serious violation of the guarantees of a fair trial and portrayed a "shocking attitude", as described by Salman's defense team during its press conference. The hearing ended after the judge adjourned the verdict until June 16, without allowing the opposition leader to deliver his plea in order to refute the charges raised against him and without allowing his defense panel to deliver its defense and legal plea over the charges and present its evidence.

In its statement, Al-Wefaq considered that this move reflects a clear deterioration in the human rights situation. Al-Wefaq stressed on the importance of reform in the country in addition to a complete separation of powers and the existence of a trustworthy and independent judicial system, as stipulated in all the official dialogues and as stated by political parties.

Al-Wefaq added that with every measure taken in Salman's trial, the indications that the trial is based on a political decision as well as its outcomes become even clearer, adding that violating the right to a defense, as happened in this case, indicated that it is a convicting trial.

Al-Wefaq society further stated that the absence of the least bases of a fair trial according to local and international law makes the trial lack the legitimate legal basis and confirms that it is purely politicized. It also makes the trial and all its measures lack justice and professionality, which are essential for any trial.
Al-Wefaq ended its statement by saying that it presents to the international community that has called for a fair trial all these clear facts to prove that Sheikh Salman is not enjoying the guarantees of a fair trial. He; however, is being subjected to measures that would, unsurprisingly, lead to convicting him, especially after preventing the truth from being revealed before the court. Thus, the expectation of having the guarantees of a fair trial, if they ever existed, has gone with the wind, following the court's decision to adjourn the verdict. This move has put an end to any chance of having a fair trial.

Al-Wefaq also called on the international community to review these stances, be more clear and consistent with its principles to assume its responsibility towards human rights in accordance with the international law, effectively contribute in dropping all the malicious charges against Salman, calling for his immediate and unconditional release, as well as the release of all political prisoners and push towards attaining a fair political solution and national reconciliation, that can only be achieved through a serious dialogue.

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