Civil Forces Tell Youth Ahmad Al-Arab’s Mother: You Will Never See Your Son Ever Again!

2015-04-25 - 12:05 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): He was living as a fugitive since he was only 14 years old. He was deprived of the company of his mother, family and brothers. He was deprived of an education and not able to continue his medical treatment. He spent the past two years roaming through the streets and alleys of his village to find a place to take him in. "The walls of the villages are carved with bullets that witnessed the assassination attempts against him by security forces," the mother of the youth Ahmad Abdullah Al-Arab (16 years old) said, "He is now in the grip of investigation officers," she added.

Since he is an innocent child, Ahmad was unaware that this sandwich he went to buy that night was going to be an ambush for his arrest. On the eve of April 13, he went out (of his hideaway) and headed to one of the restaurants of his village "Bani Jamra" to buy some food to feed his hunger. Before he even finished eating his dinner, about 50 police cars, two armored vehicles and civilian cars surrounded him in a matter of moments to arrest him.

He tried to escape and ran away through one of the alleys. A large group of security forces; however, cordoned off the entire area. Gunshots were heard across the village. It is unknown whether they were live rounds or fissile shots. Ahmad was caught and put in the trunk of one of the civilian cars and since then his condition and whereabouts are unknown. Upon hearing the news of his arrest, his parents rushed to the Al-Badeea police station and asked about their son. The gunshots were still ringing in their ears, as they were worried that their son was hurt!

At the Al-Badeea station, the officer in charge denied knowing anything about Ahmad's arrest. On their way out, they ran into a number of civil forces who were used to raiding their home looking for Ahmad over and over again. Ahmad's mother ran towards them and asked them: "Where is my son? What happened to him?" They addressed us as if they had emerged victorious and said: "It is done. We sent him away. You will never see Ahmad again. His fate will be as his uncle's." They meant his detained uncle Ali Haroun, who was sent from Thailand by the Interpol.

The attempts made by Ahmad's father to find out what happened to his son failed. The investigations office didn't offer them any help, neither did the Al-Badeea police station reveal anything about him. His fate is unknown and concerns over his safety have increased.

His heartbroken mother wept over her son and said: "Since he was 14 years old, he was wanted by the authorities. He was a kid and didn't understand what that meant. He didn't know how to live as a fugitive, yet he disappeared. My son lost all meaning of safety and security. I didn't know where he was sleeping and if he had food to eat.

Every time he tried to come back home, the security forces prevented him from doing so, since they launched house raids nonstop. When Ahmad used to come home sometimes at night to just have some sleep, I used to wake him up most of the times at midnight and ask him to leave, fearing that there will be another night raid. Expressing his confusion, he used to ask me sadly: "Where should I go, mother?"... I wish I knew my son."
"On mother's day, Ahmad surprised me after he came home and offered me two roses, planted a kiss on my forehead and then left," Ahmad's mother recalled this incident as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I only want to know if he's ok. My son is threatened. The walls of the village have witnessed the assassination attempts committed against him. All the residents of the village know that. The gunshots I heard at the night of his arrest are still piercing my heart with agony. I want to know if my son is hurt or not. The police threats that his fate will be like his uncle's Ali Haroun have broken my heart. Wasn't the condition I saw my brother Ali in enough? My God...Will I see my son in that condition too?" She adds.

This is a video showing the mother of the fugitive youth, Ahmad Al-Arab, as she calls on everyone in the world to help reveal the fate of her son who was arrested after being pursued for two years.


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