Sayed Nasrallah: People of Bahrain didn't Abandon Reform Demands, Palestinian Cause

2023-02-17 - 2:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Hezbollah's leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah greeted the Bahraini people on the 12th anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising demanding change and democratic transformation in Bahrain, stressing that the people of Bahrain continue their demand for reform and change.

He highlighted in a speech delivered on Thursday (February 16, 2023) that although all of the world abandoned the "oppressed and honorable people of Bahrain" and their cause, and although Bahrain's prisons are filled with scholars, leaders and symbols, Bahrainis "neither abandoned their national cause of reform and change in Bahrain, nor the cause of the nation in Al-Quds, Palestine, rejecting normalization."

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