Bahrain: Stage for Israeli Operations against Iran, Why Didn't Regime Learn Anything from Ukrainian Crisis?

2022-03-17 - 3:26 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Since Bahrain signed the normalization agreement with the Israeli entity, it was noticed that the regime has been, unprecedentedly, rushing to consolidate and build relations quickly. It became clear that Bahrain's ruling family has decided to build a rapid and close alliance with Israel, of an unequivocal military/security nature.

Bahrain has signed 38 agreements with the Israeli entity since the normalization of relations with it, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Abdullah Al Khalifa recently announced in a meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference. Every week we hear normalization news concerning the visit of an Israeli official, or an Israeli delegation (such as the Tel Aviv University delegation that recently visited the University of Bahrain to participate in an academic event.)

However, the most important aspect of the normalization agreement is certainly related to security, intelligence and military cooperation, whose objectives are no longer hidden, according to the Israeli media and even international news agencies. Everyone is saying now that the aim of this new relation is to attack Iran.

The most important normalization steps that have security and military aspects:

  1.  Manama has openly received twice in a row the Mossad chief Yossi Cohen (first visit on September 30, 2020, second visit on May 6, 2021).

  2. Bahrain participated in two US-sponsored naval exercises with Israel (First Exercise in November 2021, second in February 2, 2022). 

  3. An Israeli officer held an official position in Bahrain permanently (February 2022).

  4. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visited Bahrain to sign deep military agreements, media outlets reported (February 2022). 

  5. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz visited Bahrain and met with political and military officials and visited the U.S. Fifth Fleet (February 2022).

  6. Israeli media outlets say Bahrain has agreed to grant Israel a seaport off the Iranian coast (February 2022). 

  7.  The Undersecretary of the Bahraini Foreign Ministry says that Mossad is officially in Bahrain (February 2022).

  8.  Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi arrives in Bahrain (March 2022).

The world has seen Russia mobilizing its troops on the border with Ukraine, and has also seen how all Western and American threats have not stopped Russia's military plan that invaded Ukraine and have been trying to control it for nearly two weeks.

The world has also seen how Russia has decided to move forward with its invasion of Ukraine, ignoring all the harsh economic sanctions that have damaged its national economy, because it saw that its security has become threatened, and that it can no longer tolerate a serious and real threat from its neighboring state.

The Russian military intervention did not happen suddenly; it was preceded by dozens of statements by Russian officials about the seriousness of Ukraine's intention to join NATO, and the seriousness of the installation of missiles in Ukraine... etc. These statements weren't new and were not issued a month or two ago, as Russia has continued to talk and warn about the Ukrainian danger for at least 8 years.

No one in Bahrain can talk about an Iranian war, and no one wishes to see their country subjected to any military action from any country, but our ruling family is playing a very dangerous game. It has turned Bahrain into an advanced confrontation ground for Israel with Iran, and the latter warned and still warns of repeated and increasing Israeli visits.

Major states that have arms, interests and influence in the region or the world certainly do not remain silent about any threat to them. No rational man can think for a moment that Iran is not watching what is happening on that small island on its borders. Anyone who has ties with the regime in Bahrain must speak to them openly and warn them not to move forward with these schemes, which may lead us to what we do not want and whose implications would be bad.

 The ruling family in Bahrain must learn from Ukraine's experience, and look at what happened in Azerbaijan as well. It should know something very clearly, that no one is ready to defend you in the hour of war, and that if things lead to a war, God forbid, all friends that were brought in by petrodollars will offer no more than unuseful economic sanctions and political boycotts.

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