More than 1000 Coronavirus Cases within 24 Hours in Bahrain

2021-03-29 - 6:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: Out of 16820 COVID-19 tests carried out on March 28, 2021, 1027 new cases have been detected, 309 of whom are among expatriate workers, 702 new cases are contacts of active cases, and 16 are travel related, the Ministry of Health announced.

There were 643 recoveries from Coronavirus, increasing total recoveries to 133098

The Ministry added that the number of cases in intensive care is 58, and that 134 cases require treatment. 8176 cases out of the total number of 8234 existing cases of are stable.

The ministry indicated that the total number of people who were vaccinated (first dose) on March 28, 2021, was 487640.  

Meanwhile, 9546 people were vaccinated the previous day.

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