Israeli Minister: Lifting Saudi Besiege would Enhance Relations with Qatar

2021-01-08 - 9:36 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen said in an interview with i24NEWS website that reconciliation with Qatar would enhance relations with Israel.

Cohen stated "I hope that by this step, Qatar takes the direction of the Western world and the countries of the Gulf. Such a step will make it possible to warm up relations between Qatar and Israel".

"We have a joint strategy with the moderate countries - Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Emirates and Oman - who want peace," stressing that "As soon as Qatar joins these countries and Saudi Arabia lifts the besiege, this would allow warming the relations between Israel and Qatar."

Cohen spoke about the states that would normalize relations with the Zionist entity, stressing that the normalization agreements with the Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco "profoundly modify our region and create a strong security coalition against Iran", a country which finances "terrorism in the world", according to him.

"Other countries would join us", he added, citing "Niger, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia" or "Indonesia".

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