Committee of the House of Representatives Office Decides to Call out MP Masouma Abdulrahim on Her Inappropriate Posts: Newspaper

2020-02-13 - 9:14 p

Bahrain Mirror: Local Al-Ayyam newspaper said that the committee of the House of Representatives office decided at its meeting on Wednesday (February 12, 2020) to draw the attention to MP Masouma Abdulrahim regarding what she publishes on her Instagram account and other social media sites, i.e. content that most MPs consider not appropriate for a Parliamentarian.

The newspaper explained that the committee is going to summon the MP soon in order to speak with her and bring her attention to the nature of what she publishes via social media outlets, which several MPs consider to be offensive to the council and the parliamentary experience.

It pointed out that the majority of the MPs expressed disappointment at the repeated videos published by Abdulrahim, which are being mocked by the public opinion and which undermine the seriousness of the matters and proposals raised by the Council related to the issues of the people and the country.

The newspaper stressed that this reaction came as a result of the last video clip she published concerning a suggestion she proposed and was approved by the government, as well as the things she posted during the past period. Al-Ayyam newspaper stated that "leading figures in the Council have spoken repeatedly with MP Masouma Abdulrahim on more than one occasion, but she didn't consider their remarks and continued to publish these videos which are deemed offensive to the Council and its reputation."

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