Al-Wefaq: Bahrain's Regime Targets Clerics, Investigates them over Praying for Prisoners' Release

2019-11-15 - 8:13 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society held the international community and UN institutions responsible for this dreadful reality, because they ignore the demands and appeals of the people of Bahrain and tolerate their suffering, while these institutions respond to any voice raised anywhere else except the voice of Bahrainis.

The interrogators told a number of scholars to stop praying after performing prayers for anything related to relief and safety in Bahrain, especially the issue of political prisoners, who are overcrowded in the prisons of the Bahraini regime because of their demands for democratic transformation and social justice.

Al-Wefaq stressed that, through its brutal repressive tools and the use of all illegal methods, the regime has shut down every outlet by preventing freedom of expression and freedom of demonstration, pursuing all that would raise human rights issues and political demands and turning Bahrain into a big prison where no one can utter a word.

It pointed out that the world should know about and not ignore the non-stop repression, killing, torture, extortion and assaults that are going on in Bahrain on a daily basis, in order to stifle and prevent the repressed citizens from expressing their pain, wounds and demands.

The society explained that preventing praying for detainees is a very advanced step in the size and level of repression, which aims at hiding any word that reveals to the world the magnitude of suffering, injustice, oppression, deprivation, tyranny and restriction under which Bahrainis live because of the oppressive and unjust regime.

Al-Wefaq affirmed that more than 80% of the citizens yearn for freedom, and if there was an outlet, the world would find them on the streets demanding their just rights peacefully, adding that the prisons hold about 5000 political detainees because of their political views.

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