Letter from Bahrain Mirror to House of Commons Speaker John Bercow

2019-10-16 - 6:32 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): This letter is not to make you aware of the chronic Bahraini situation, as we are sure that the international community, namely London and Washington, has totally abandoned Bahrain and thus put it under eternal oppression and crackdown. This letter is only about ideas that came to our mind while following what is happening in the Westminster democracy, which the Bahraini opposition leader has always considered to be an ideal example of a democratic model that the constitutional monarchy in our country should follow.

In the midst of your country's heated struggle over the Brexit issue, your name appeared in a very remarkable way, even long before your press conference after the Supreme Court of Britain overturned Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament, describing it as illegal.

How did you manage to deal with all this composure with the conflict among the three authorities, from your position, which must be completely neutral, even though you are presiding over one of them? That was very notable.

You are a model of neutral politics. You have succeeded in neutrality required in governance to ensure the continuity of all activities, even though you are originally a member of the ruling Conservative Party. This neutrality, which requires a good man of your wisdom, rather than your fame, is what guaranteed that the British Parliament continued to work and impose its power, despite all this dangerous historical division in the nation.

This neutrality, which is legally required by your position, is what confirmed that politics is not managed solely by party and organizational affiliations, whatever the outcome of the elections is. This neutrality confirmed that the political process is not limited to the ruling party, or the opposition party, when it comes down to a threat to its existence.

Your great popularity was caused by your unique ability to run one of the most forums capable of bringing together the opposing and contradictory groups in one room, to draw state policies and observe its rule, in the name of the people. More than 650 MPs representing the people gather in the parliament, in what seems to be a daily quarrel, which you discipline and manage.

This parliament was able to withstand without a written Constitution, and was able to withstand without a president intervening in guiding its agenda or laws. The speaker of parliament does not have the right to vote, because he simply has to be neutral, so that he can deal with MPs of different views.

The Parliament, under which the government is created, controlled, pressured, and even dismissed, can only be managed by order. "Order" is the password by which you have been managing all this difference for 10 years, which 650 MPs have to silently yield to. In order for the work to continue, everyone needs order, which you were imposing, with everyone's consent.

You have all the charisma of a leader, which you have mastered. What if the king of our country exercises a power like yours, and feels content with it? Why isn't the king a uniting symbol for the whole nation, and the reference for managing any division, disagreement or conflict between the authorities that govern this country? Or between his people? Nevermind, Mr. Speaker of the House of Commons. That was just a trivial and non-serious comparison. The king in our country does not want to be neutral. He does not even recognize order. No regime can compare to the definition of order in our world. The king is the order, the state, and all that matters.

Your voluntary resignation from the presidency of Parliament, on the basis of a promise you made to your generous family, was very sad. In the midst of this clashing political wave between the government and the opposition in your country, you will leave the management of the parliamentary conflict to someone else, on the same date of the Brexit deadline.

Even if the reason for your sudden resignation is that you won't be able to manage this serious historical conflict in your country any longer, having reached a crossroads, this resignation makes Bahrainis feel heartbroken thinking who's the one who should have resigned, you or King Hamad? 

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