Boat of 4 Martyrs Found Stolen without Engine, Sheikh Al-Daqaq

2018-02-21 - 6:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Abdullah Al-Daqaq did not rule out that the four martyrs were attacked by Bahraini forces or pirates who were in Iranian waters, noting that the boat was found stolen without its engine and equipment.

"The four martyrs left Bahrain on a boat (February 7, 2018). Their boat was found at sea three days later and the first bodies were found seven days later," said Al-Daqaq, who resides in Iran.

While confirming that the incident took place in international territorial waters, Al-Daqaq ruled out the assumption that the boat was attacked by the Iranian Coast Guard.

He pointed out that the Iranian authorities began search operations since day one, but did not find them, adding that they found the boat after 3 days stolen and without its engine and equipment.

Al-Daqaq further stated that it is likely that the boat was attacked by Bahraini authorities or by pirates who were in Iranian waters.

He confirmed that the bodies of three martyrs were recovered while the search is still ongoing for the fourth body.

Al-Daqaq also highlighted that the martyrs fled from Bahrain as a result of the harsh torture they were subjected to in prison.

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