Iran Rejects Bahrains Pipeline Blast Accusation, Demands it Stops Spreading Worn-Out Scenarios

2018-02-08 - 10:01 p

Bahrain Mirror: Iran severely condemned the claim raised by Bahrain's Interior Ministry on Iran's role in an oil pipeline blast last year, calling on Manama to stop raising worn-out claims, bringing up old and ineffective scenarios and to establish dialogue with people.

Iranian FM Spokesman Ghasemi said that Bahrain's claims are "baseless".

He added "It is better for Bahraini authorities to set aside their security approach and the crackdown on the legitimate demands of their people, and establish serious dialogue with them in a bid to put an end to the crisis in the country, instead of raising worn-out claims and bringing up old and ineffective scenarios."

Ghasemi further urged Bahrain to "stop trying to resolve their internal crises by resorting to delusional and clumsy measures."

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: Bahrain Mirror