Court Hands down 3-Year Jail Term to 3 Defendants over Blasting Gas Cylinder in Sitra

2017-06-22 - 9:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court presided over by judge Ali Khalifa Al-Dhahrani and memberships of judges Ousama Al-Shathili and Wael Ibrahim and Ahmad Al-Suleiman as a secretariat handed down 3-year jail term to 3 defendants accused of blasting gas cylinder in Sitra.

The authorities claim that on February 27, 2016, a blast was heard in Markouban village in Sitra. The security authorities headed to the scene and the competent parties were informed about the incident. The probe revealed that a number of tires with a gas cylinder in the middle were set to fire, which caused the cylinder to explode. The police started their investigations about those taking part in the incident and reached the 3 suspects.

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