Four Org. Respond to NIHR Stance Regarding Execution: Failed to Achieve its Aims

2017-01-20 - 11:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: Four Bahraini human rights organizations said in a joint statement "No representatives from the National Institutions for Human Rights that supported the execution sentence against three Bahraini youths (Sami Mushaima, Abbas Al-Samie and Ali Al-Singace) attended any of the execution victims' court sessions that lacked guarantees for fair trial. Besides, the NIHR is supposed to follow the torture complaints submitted by the victims."

"Instead of condemning the execution that was carried out in an arbitral way and for retaliatory political reasons, the NIHR did not even recommend in its annual report issued few days earlier to abolish the execution sentences, however, it welcomed the outcomes of the cassation court. This is considered a failure for the institution's performance and aim behind its establishment."

The organizations (Bahrain Forum for Human Rights, Salam for Democracy and Human Rights, Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights and Bahraini German Organization for Human Rights and Democracy) believed that the institution has to stress on protecting the right of life that has become a game in the hand of the judicial institutions.

The organizations concluded their statement saying "the officials in the institution didn't consider the case and sentences file. They confirm through this stance that they practice a role that contradicts with Paris Principles that should have been taken into consideration while establishing this institution "protecting the human rights concepts and defending victims, while international human rights stances were issued from the UN and human rights organizations that condemn the trial procedures of the three youth and its outcomes."

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