Court Acquits 5 Policemen of Torture Charge

2017-01-10 - 8:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: The second High Criminal Court of Appeals, presided over by Judge Bader Al Abdullah, and the membership of Judges Wajih Al-Shaer and Omar Al-Saidi, and Iman Dismal as a secretary, acquitted 5 policemen of torturing a convict in Jaw prison.

The public prosecution accused the policemen that in 2015, being official employees in the ministry of interior and while performing their duties, they attacked, along with other unknowns, the bodily integrity of the victim causing him the injuries mentioned in the report of the forensic physician. The attack did not lead to the victim's illness and did not hinder him from performing his personal work for more than 20 days.

The victim said that he was beaten with hands, legs and hoses on all his body parts by a number of policemen. He added that this was repeated about 7 times. He was mocked and humiliated several times. The victim further stated that he knows those who attacked him due to being in prison. A witness also said that he saw policemen attacking the victim.

He went on to say that the policemen mocked him every half an hour and assault him for 15 min each time. They beat him and ask him whether he attacked an officer in the recent incidents that took place in the prison. The victim denied doing so.

The victim said that when his nose started to bleed after the assault, they ordered him to wash it using the water closet's water.

The court said that the documents lacked evidence to prove the charges against the suspects, especially that they denied the charges brought against them. Moreover, the police investigations did not prove anything that confirms their relation to the incident. The report also contradicts with the witnesses testimonies who said that the victim was hit all over his body.

Human rights organizations criticize the formal trial of officers and policemen involved in torturing and killing protestors as they are acquitted most of the times or handed down commuted sentences that do not prevent them from making such violations again.

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