Minister of Interior Says Airplane Helped Prisoners Escape from Jaw Prison

2017-01-09 - 2:51 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said on Sunday (January 8, 2016) that a remote control airplane helped the 10 prisoners escape from Jaw prison.

During his meeting with members of the Council of Representatives, the minister claimed that four individuals suspected to be involved in aiding the prisoners' escape were identified. He also said that they identified the car's plate number and specification used in the process and that search operations is underway.

The minister stressed that negligence and collusion are among reasons behind the escape of the ten convicts, thus a number of officials and staff of the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre "Jaw" were referred to the Public Prosecution of the Interior Ministry courts.

He continued that the car that was involved in the operation was tracked on the road by CCTV. The search continues for a 2008 black jeep with number plate 547672.

He pointed out that the attack was conducted according to a plan that involved the negligence of some members of the Reformation and Rehabilitation Directorate. He said that there was nothing wrong with the security steps taken by the control towers that shot at the car, terrorists and escapees.

The Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre is equipped with all requirements, including cameras and alarm systems, as there are 600 CCTVs and the guards have enough weapons and clear orders to deal with all situations, he highlighted.

The Interior Minister asserted that the case revealed shortcomings in performance and not in capabilities, as policemen are equipped with weapons and tools to carry out various tasks, adding that there are six organisations that monitor the work of the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centres. He said bribery cases aren't only at prisons in Bahrain; they occur all over the world.

He confirmed that regardless of the ranks, those who showed shortcomings in their work will be held responsible. This won't undermine the work of good policemen who we depend on as they previously foiled 15 escape attempts. We are as officials should reinforce the confidence of policeman, as our policemen carry professional work.

The minister further stated that the Yemeni policeman Abdulsalam Saif was shot before he took over his shift and that the terrorists escaped from a gate that was left open for a cleaning vehicle to enter. He said that the terrorists used a remote control airplane for filming.

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