Al-Khair Mosque Preacher Criticizes Doubts in MOI Procedures after “Jaw” Prison Break

2017-01-08 - 2:46 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Khair Mosque Preacher, Sheikh Salah Al-Jowdar, criticized those who doubted the security apparatuses and questioned their efforts, in reference to the Ministry of Interior procedures adopted after the "Jaw" prison break.

In is Friday sermon (January 6, 2017), Al-Jowdar said, "In the past few days, some voices undermined the state institutions and apparatuses, as they questioned the efforts exerted by the state institutions to maintain security, despite the obvious conspiracy scheme." "Unfortunately, some of these voices broadcasted messages claiming it is sincere, not knowing they were serving the nation's enemy. Everyone must be aware of those toxic messages, and confront that conspiracy targeting the region's identity", he further claimed.

Since the escape of 10 political detainees from "Jaw" Central Prison, many people criticized the Interior Ministry, and questioned its version of who the prison break took place under an "armed attack".

The Ministry was also criticized over procedures it followed after the escape, especially in terms of introducing checkpoints in all major streets in Bahrain, leading to traffic freeze in rush hours.

On January 1, 2017, detainee Redha Al Ghasra escaped for the fourth time from prison, along with other 9 defendants imprisoned over political cases. The Interior Ministry claimed an armed attack on the "Jaw" Central Prison caused the escape, clarifying that a Yemeni police officer was killed during the attack.

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