Bahraini Embassy in London says it Dissolved Anti-Bahraini Government British Parliamentary Group

2016-09-16 - 5:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Embassy of Bahrain in the United Kingdom said it was able to dissolve a "UK parliamentary group concerned with democracy in Bahrain", describing the move as a "great success".

In a statement, the embassy said that the British parliamentary group "APPG for Democracy in Bahrain" is well-known for its "anti-government of Bahrain" positions, clarifying that dissolving it means the "inability of its members to hold any program or activity under this name in the British Parliament."

"This group was founded in order to promote human rights, democracy, and the rule of law in Bahrain. However, it is known for its biased nature against the reform and political efforts of the Bahraini government," the statement also added.

Moreover, the Bahraini Embassy added "Bahraini opposition groups used this group as a cover to hold events and seminars in the parliament, and also used its members to ask parliamentary questions on their behalf, with the intention to harm Bahrain's reputation in Britain."

It is to mention that late Lord Avebury, Dr. Matthew Offord, Sir David Amess and Andy Slaughter are among the prominent members of this group that is known for criticizing Bahrain and its black human rights record.

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