Trial of Shiite Cleric Sheikh Imad Al-Shaala Adjourned until August 30 with his Continued Detention

2016-08-23 - 7:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman, Head of Religious Freedom Unit in the Bahrain Human Rights Observatory (BHRO), said that a Bahraini court held its first hearing session on Monday (August 22, 2016) against the detained Shiite cleric Sheikh Imad Al-Shaala.

The authorities charged Al-Shaala with illegal assembly over the sit-in held in front of the spiritual leader Sheikh Isa Qassim' house since June 20, protesting over the decision to revoke his citizenship.

The court adjourned Al-Shaala's session until August 30, with his continued detention.

It is to mention that the authorities summoned Al-Shaala on August 9 and decided to detain him to present him to the Public Prosecution. However, on the following day, the prosecution decided to arrest him for 15 days pending investigation.  


عقدت أولى جلسات محاكمة سماحة الشيخ عماد الشعلة يوم أمس بتهمة "التجمع غير القانوني" وتم التأجيل الى 30 /8 #البحرين

— Maytham Al Salman (@MaythamAlsalman) August 23, 2016


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