Minister of Interior Receives Talal Al Khalifa after being Appointed as President for National Security Agency

2016-08-08 - 6:17 p

Bahrain Mirror: Minister of Interior Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa received on Sunday (August 7, 2016), Talal bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, following appointing him as president for National Security Agency as per Royal Decree 66/2016.

According to Bahrain News agency, the minister "congratulated Talal Al Khalifa and hailed his competence and experience that enabled him to assume his duties to the fullest, wishing him every success in serving the nation and the citizens."

Human rights organizations consider the National Security Agency as one of the worst security apparatuses involved in arresting and torturing citizens. Testimonies of former detainees were documented about being subjected to severe torture in the National Security Agency building.

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