Bahraini Authorities Charge Football Player over "Insulting Bahrain's King"

2016-06-10 - 11:41 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini security authorities charged Mohammad Al-Alawiyat, a football player who plays for the Sitra Sports Club, over insulting the King of Bahrain. They arrested Al-Alawiyat on Tuesday (June 9, 2016) at his workplace.

The authorities have been detaining Al-Alawiyat for 7 days pending investigations over the charge of insulting the king on Twitter. Al-Alawiyat was also interrogated for 2 days at the Criminal Investigation Department.

Human Rights Watch has repeatedly stressed that Bahraini authorities use torture at the Criminal Investigation Department to force detainees into making confessions that incriminate them.  

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