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Four Detained Scholars Including Al-Wefaq Secretary-General: Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour's Arrest Aims at Silencing Voice of Truth

2023-05-25 - 6:32 p

Bahrain Mirror: Four religious scholars detained in Jaw Central Prison, Sheikh Abduljalil Al-Miqdad, Sheikh Mohammod Habib Al-Miqdad, Secretary-General of Al-Wefaq Society Sheikh Ali Salman and former Al-Wefaq MP Hasan Isa, condemned the arrest of His Eminence Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour and confirmed strong solidarity with him.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, the four religious scholars stressed that "targeting Sheikh Sanqour, the imam of the largest Friday prayer in Bahrain and one of the most important scholars in the country, is dangerous and unacceptable," considering that "the procedures accompanying the arrest process are formal, have no legal value, have nothing to do with the prosecution and the judiciary, but rather reflect a purely political decision."

"The arrest of Sheikh Sanqour aims at silencing the voice of truth, preventing the obligation of enjoining right and forbidding evil and blocking other's opinion," they said.

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