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Scholars Call for Releasing Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour

2023-05-23 - 12:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini scholars denounced the arrest of Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque preacher Mohammad Sanqour and called for releasing him.

A statement issued by the scholars said that Sheikh Sanqour "is a well-known scholar, who is only known for his integrity in approach, honesty in his logic, concern for his religion and homeland, and for his advice for the interest of the homeland and people."

"We see no reason for summoning, interrogating and arresting him. We demand his releases, as the country is in dire need of establishing an atmosphere of calmness and harmony," the statement added.

Sayed Saeed Al-Wadaei, Sayed Majeed Al-Mashaal, Sayed Mohsen Al-Alawi, Sheikh Jassim Al-Khayyat, Sheikh Isa Al-Moemen, Sheikh Hamza Al-Dairy and Sheikh Fadel Al-Zaki were among the signatories.

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