The People Want Al Atiyatulah to Reveal Where the 400 million BD Went

2023-05-04 - 2:44 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): You write a piece of news about him in the newspaper or press coverage assigned to you by your boss on one of his many activities in the country, then you receive a call from the Sheikh. He gives you compliments and words of praise and makes you feel you have value and a significant role, but soon this is followed by a derogatory behavior that exposes his true feelings towards you, which is contempt for you and treating you like a servant. Another smart electronic device is delivered to your office through a messenger if his with very simple words "a gift from the Sheikh".

You will not risk your future career by returning the Sheikh's gift, but from this moment on, you have fallen into the taboo. 

Independent and prestigious press institutions do not encourage their editors to accept gifts and grants because they bind them and make them captives in the hands of the sender. Customarily, journalists are not allowed to accept gifts. But you are in Bahrain and the gift sender is Sheikh Ahmed bin Atiyatullah Al Khalifa, who until recently was the Minister of Follow-up Affairs at the Royal Court but today is pushed behind the scenes that is if he had not been dismissed. This will be confirmed or denied in the coming days.

This is how Ahmed Bin Atiyatullah bought the pens of many journalists and media professionals, at the low price of an iPhone, iPad, Samsung or Mac Pro, or by re-employing them in government agencies and hiring them in their outlets as his hands and spies.

Workers in the press, media and television sectors know dozens of similar stories and circulate them among each other all the time. 

One of the journalists was somehow illiterate and dropped-out of school when Atiyatullah began his rehabilitation process with iPhones and Samsung devices. Nonetheless, he has become now a state judge who gives advisory opinions on election cases, appeals and committees.  He was given a university degree in the same way that Bahrain's ambassador to Russia obtained his qualifications as well as several officials in the Ministry of Justice and Prosecution. A PhD in law from France is being prepared for him at the state's expense.

Another journalist used to spend his long empty day preparing fabrications and sending them on groups under a girl's name. His qualification resulted in him becoming Media Director in the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Thus, Ahmed Atiyatullah deployed a band of tools and spies with such methods in all state agencies. 

If there is a deep state in Bahrain that hides behind the current form of state that we know of ministers, agents and declared officials whose faces we know, it is the deep "state of Al Atiyatullah", but we only know the tip of its iceberg represented by him and his brother Salman Atiyatullah, who was recently removed from the presidency of King Hamad University Hospital and sent behind the scenes like his brother. However, we only know a little about this mountain.

The question now is: Where did the 400 million dinars that they stole together go. Their action angered the king and his sons. This prompted the king to make a decision to remove the Atiyatulah brothers from the scene without even daring to take them to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Seef District and force them to accept a settlement to return the amount from the assets they own, as King Salman and his son did in neighboring Saudi Arabia with thieves from the royal family.

There is no need to answer this question. Millions have gone into bribes and buying people's consciences through the methods described above and others in order to extend the threads of the deep "Atiyatullah state" network as far as possible in the state and use it as a silencer weapon in the hands of the masterminds Minister of Royal Court Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed and his brother Field Marshal Khalifa bin Ahmed.

The appropriate question may be whether the king is really serious about recovering the stolen 400 million, which is contrary to the conditions and ceiling allowed for thefts of the sons and daughters of the ruling family, or will he resort to providing a lifeline for the Al Atiyatullah, as was done in previous dismissal cases. This is likely to happen unless an extraordinary miracle happens in the family. 

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