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Human Rights Council: Calls to Respect Shiites' Rights, Release Detainees in Bahrain

2022-11-08 - 5:06 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human Rights Council member states have called on Bahrain to respect the religious freedoms of Shiites and to release political detainees.

During the assessment of the human rights situation, Ireland demanded the protection of Shiites' religious freedoms and holding accountable those involved in abuses, calling for "providing space for political action".

Ireland also stressed on "stopping the use of torture penalty and releasing all of those who were arbitrarily detained for their opinion and activism."

The United States demanded the removal of restrictions on peaceful assembly and association and the release of all persons detained for exercising the right to freedom of expression.

The UK has recommended the protection of press freedoms and the halt of executions, as recommended by Portugal, which has also called for the protection of the rights of children deprived of citizenship.

For its part, Luxembourg recommended the halt of executions, torture, ill-treatment, religious discrimination, protection of political and human rights activists as well as allowing UN rapporteurs visits.

Dozens of States participated in the assessment process, which noted the importance of implementing all decisions on the human rights situation in Bahrain.

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