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Security Decision Preventing Eulogy Reciter Mohammed Al-Hujeirat from Reciting in Bahrain

2022-08-06 - 9:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: Eulogy reciter Mohammed Al-Hujeirat said that he left Bahrain after he was informed that he is banned from reciting in Bahrain without knowing the main reason, adding that it is "a security decision from the Interior Ministry". 

Al-Hujeirat said via his Twitter account (August 5, 2022) that he had not been harmed or arrested, but after being informed of the ban of reciting in Bahrain "and out of respect for the sanctity of these great nights and to ward off strife and disturbing the ambiance of the funeral processions and mourners and the hosting people as well as the decision of the state, I will leave Bahrain as I entered peacefully and respectfully. I am writing these tweets from Bahrain International Airport as I leave for my country, Kuwait."

Security authorities have tightened their measures against Gulf Shiites coming to Bahrain in Ashura. Meanwhile, the Interior Minister said during his meeting with members of the Husainiya Processions Authority and heads of Mattams one week ago that his country will not accept religious campaigns from abroad to take part in Ashura commemoration.

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