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"Salam Ya Mahdi" Pure Ideological Song

2022-07-20 - 4:37 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi said that "Salam ya Mahdi" is pure ideological song, and people have the right to express their beliefs.

Sayed Al-Ghuraifi confirmed during his speech in Al-Markh obsequy that the issue of Imam Mahdi is the issue of world peace and it is not terrorism.

"There is nothing in the song that affects the national security, or unity of peoples," Al-Gharifi said, adding that "we are against everything that fuels sectarianism, conflicts or differences."

"We do not allow any human being who belongs to this line to cause confusion in this country or other counties (...) We are advocates of security, peace and unity, and this is the approach of Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)."

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