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7 Hours after Gulf States Condemned Storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Bahrain Shyly Issues A Statement of Condemnation

2022-04-16 - 5:18 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Nearly 7 hours after the Gulf States condemned the Israeli forces raiding Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued on the early hours of Saturday (April 16, 2022) a statement considering what happened "a provocation to Muslims".

About 45 minutes after the Bahraini statement, the Emirates issued a similar statement and was the last Gulf state to condemn what happened.

It was remarkable that Bahrain and the UAE didn't use "forces of Israeli occupation" expression, unlike the statements issued by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman and Qatar, which implicitly means that both countries recognize that East Al-Quds is linked to the Zionist entity.

Bahrain used the term "Israeli police" in its statement, while the UAE used "Israeli forces".

Bahrain, along with the UAE, normalized relations with the Israeli entity on September 15, 2020, while the rest of the Gulf states refrained from establishing public relations with the entity for various reasons.

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