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Bahrain Uses Pegasus Program to Spy on Dissidents and Loyalists

2022-02-19 - 7:02 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A report issued by Red Line for Gulf and the Citizen Lab said that the Bahraini government used the Israeli Pegasus program to spy on prominent lawyer Mohammed Al-Tajer, psychologist Sharifa Siwar and a Bahraini journalist, whose name was not mentioned.

The report indicated that the government targeted dozens of prominent figures in the Government, Parliament and opposition as potential targets using the NSO Israeli program, over which Israel is facing prosecution for its role in facilitating the task of undemocratic governments in prosecuting activists.

Below is the list of names:

*Ministers and officials in government departments


  1. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, King's Advisor for Diplomatic Affairs, Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa
  2. Minister of Transportation and Communications, Kamal Ahmed
  3. Chief Executive of Bahrain International Circuit, Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa
  4. Special Envoy for Climate Affairs, with the rank of minister, Mohammed Mubarak bin Daina
  5. Vice President of the National Foundation for Human Rights, Khaled Al-Shaer
  6. Head of the Civil Service Bureau, Ahmed bin Zayed Al-Zayed


* Members of Shura Council and Parliament

  1. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Fawzia Zainal
  2. Deputy Chairman of the Council of Representatives, Abdulnabi Salman
  3. MP Ahmed Salloum
  4. MP Adel Al-Asoomi, Speaker of the Arab Parliament
  5. MP Sawsan Kamal
  6. MP Ali Eshaki
  7. MP Ahmed Al-Damistani
  8. MP Zainab Abdulamir
  9. MP Khalid Bou Onoq
  10. MP Fatima Abbas
  11. MP Mohammed Al-Abbasi
  12. MP Ibrahim Al-Nufaei
  13. MP Kulthom Al-Hayeki
  14. MP Bassem Al-Maleki
  15. MP Abdullah Al-Dosari
  16. MP Mohammad Bou Hammoud
  17. MP Mamdouh Saleh
  18. MP Yousif Al-Thawadi
  19. MP Ammar Qambar
  20. MP Sayed Falah Hashem
  21. Shura member Reda Monfaredi
  22. Shura member Ali Al-Aradi

*Activists and Dissidents

  1. Former secretary general of National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad), Ibrahim Sharif
  2. Political Assistant to the Secretary General of Al-Wefaq, former MP Khalil Al-Marzouq
  3. Former secretary general of National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad), Radhi Al-Mousawi
  4. Member of Al-Wefaq Shura, former MP Jameel Kadhem
  5. Head of public relations in Al-Wefaq, Sayed Taher Al-Mousawi
  6. President of Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Nedal Al-Salman 

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