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Foreign Affairs Ministry Summons New US Ambassador after His Meeting with Civil Societies' Representatives

2022-02-17 - 4:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Foreign Ministry summoned on Wednesday (February 16, 2022) the new US ambassador to Bahrain Steven Bondy. This followed the ambassador's meeting with a number of representatives of civil societies.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullatif Al-Zayani informed the ambassador about Bahrain's reservations regarding the meeting that took place and its implications that are inconsistent with international laws and norms in this regard, Bahrain News Agency reported.

It added "The ambassador expressed full understanding of everything that was published from various parties in Bahrain in this regard, and the importance of the relations between the two friendly countries."

The new US ambassador met at his home (February 9, 2022) with "Ahmed Al-Khuzaie, Ousama Al-Baharna, Hussein Al-Rubaie and Huda Al-Mahmoud" as representatives of civil society, and discussed with them various political issues, most notably the political isolation law, according to local media outlets.

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