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ADHRB Calls on New US Ambassador to Pressure Bahrain to Begin Meaningful Dialogue with Opposition Ahead of 2022 Elections

2021-12-23 - 6:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain called on the US new ambassador  Steven C. Bondy, who will start his work soon in Bahrain, to pressure the Government of Bahrain to begin a meaningful dialogue with the political opposition ahead of the 2022 parliamentary elections.

It said in a statement on Wednesday (September 22, 2021) that the new US ambassador is demanded to put human rights at the center of the US agenda and to pressure the Bahraini government to release political prisoners, on top prominent leader Hasan Mushaima, human rights activist Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja and Dr. Abduljalil Al-Singace.

Husain Abdulla, Executive Director of Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain, demanded the US to stop ignoring the human rights violations and to urge the Government of Bahrain to immediately put an end to violations of human rights against the Bahraini people.

"Ambassador Bondy's top job from day one must be pressing for immediate and far-reaching improvements in human rights in Bahrain. The human rights situation in Bahrain will be the yardstick for measuring his success or failure as an ambassador," he added.

Husain said "Being United States' leading diplomat in Bahrain and the first ambassador posted to Manama by the Biden Administration, Ambassador Bondy has an opportunity to turn a new leaf in the US-Bahraini relationship by putting human rights at the center of the agenda."

Abdulla called on the US to put a 5-year systematic plan to disengage its strategic interests from those of Bahrain, in case the Bahraini government refuses to join the group of civilized nations that respect human rights.

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