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BFHR: Month of Violations and Incitation against Normalization Opponents

2021-12-15 - 3:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights issued  a "Ban on Expression" report documenting evidence of violations that took place in Bahrain in late September and October against citizens who reject normalization with the Israeli occupation entity. 

"On September 30, 2021, the Embassy of the Israeli Occupation Entity was inaugurated in Bahrain. This was followed by condemnations and popular protests against normalization between the occupation entity and Bahrain," the report says. As a result of this event, calls for peaceful demonstrations or expressions of popular rejection against the opening of the Embassy of the Israeli Occupation Entity in Bahrain spread from various political parties.

On this day, 14 citizens were arrested and 6 were summoned. Peaceful marches and vigils condemning normalization with the occupying entity continued, reaching 34 protests. They began on September 29, 2021, i.e. one day before the opening of the Embassy, until October 22 in a number of areas.

In a video message posted on his Twitter account shortly after his release, activist Ali Mhanna said that the charge he was arrested over was "the intention to participate in a march". "The strange thing regarding the issue is that when I was detained... the charge was the intention to participate in a rally. It was the first time in my life to be detained on an intention," the group cited Mhanna as saying.

Although he was forced to sign a pledge not to participate in any march, Mhanna reiterated his position against normalization with the Israeli entity.

On October 1, security authorities suppressed a peaceful demonstration in Sitra staged against the visit of the Foreign Minister of the Israeli occupation entity and the opening of an Israeli embassy in Bahrain.

As examples of violations, the report referred to a number of demonstrations, explaining that a demonstration was held in Al-Muqasha on October 3 and on the same night 13 citizens were summoned by Hamad City police station roundabout 17 for participating in marches. 

The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights also recorded 247 hatred messages against Bahraini citizens, opposition activists and human rights, political and media institutions that adopted anti-normalization stances.

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