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Bahraini National Initiative against Normalization: Occupiers Not Welcome, Bahrainis Will Remain Loyal to Palestine

Bahraini King welcoming Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs
Bahraini King welcoming Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs

2021-10-01 - 11:20 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini National Initiative against Normalization with the Zionist Enemy (which comprises 25 civil society organizations) stressed its "total rejection of normalization with this usurping entity, which does not hesitate to kill children, women and the elderly, and practice the worst forms of state terrorism against the Palestinian people."

The Initiative said, in a statement issued on Thursday (September 30, 2021), under the title "The occupying criminal Not Welcome," that "Lapid's desecration of Bahrain's land comes amid the overwhelming rejection of the proud Bahraini people, who remain true to their central cause," highlighting that "the Palestinian cause is the compass of the conflict and its headline in the region, and that the Israeli entity is a satanic seed that has been planted in the body of the Arab world to trap it in a state of permanent depletion, keeping it far from progress, development and prosperity."

"Opening an embassy for the Zionist entity in our beloved country is a desecration of its pure soil and a major violation that will enable the occupation to tamper with civil peace and social stability, as well as conspire against societal security in all its forms, such as inciting strife among components of society, as the enemy's experiences in the countries with which it normalized relations are witness to the targeting, disintegration and division caused to Arab societies, since this is one of the most important goals of the [Israeli] entity, i.e. to strike its [Bahrain's] internal fabric and national unity and distance it from its brothers in other Arab countries, and then it would have the chance to target Arab countries one after the other," the statement further read.

The Initiative called on the Bahraini authorities to "immediately stop slipping towards normalization, which represents a stab in the back of the Palestinian people, its active forces and its resistance factions, urging all components of the Bahraini people to renew their rejection of normalization with the enemy and continue to stand by the Palestinian people and support them to liberate their land and establish their independent national state on all of its national soil, with its capital Al-Quds."

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