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Bahraini Society Against Normalization Calls Gov't to Stop Cooperation with Occupying Entity in Health Sector

2021-09-02 - 7:27 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Society Against Normalization with Zionist Enemy issued a statement expressing its "bewilderment at the official insistence on continuing the process of normalization with the Zionist entity and concluding numerous agreements with it despite the rejection and opposition of Bahraini people."

The society criticized the continuation of the government of Bahrain in "signing memorandums of understanding that seek cooperation with (the occupying entity) in more than one field, last of which was in the health field, as Bahrain's Health Minister Faeqa Al-Saleh welcomed cooperation with the Zionist occupation in the health field during her meeting in Manama with the charge d'affaires of the Zionist Embassy in Bahrain, Itay Tagner, on August 29, 2021."

The society, made up of 21 civil society institutions, opposed "this dangerous trend for the current and future generations, not only for the Palestinians, but also for all the Arab countries and their peoples, including Bahrain."

"Experiences of the countries that normalized with the Zionist enemy have confirmed that this entity cannot be relied upon or trusted, especially in vital fields such as health, education, water and other life components," the statement added. "This leads us to emphasize the need to leave the official aspect of this policy and stop following the destructive approach of normalization. Whenever an Arab state normalizes with it [the occupying entity], signs peace agreements and treaties and makes alliances, the occupying entity increases its crimes in killing Palestinians in cold blood, doubling robberies, confiscating homes and land, and expelling citizens them from their country."

The statement stressed that the history of the Bahraini people is bright in standing by the Palestinian people and with their just demands. Bahrainis have never failed Palestinians or stabbed them in their back. This makes us demand the Bahraini government to stop this harmful approach, which will only lead to the destruction of Bahrain's health sector.

The society called to stop normalization at all levels, abolish all normalization agreements with the occupation, reopen the Office for Boycott of Israel, and respect the Bahraini popular position against normalization with the brutal Zionist occupation.

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