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Ayatollah Qassim Addressing Gov't: Solution Relies in Releasing All Prisoners of Conscience

2021-03-10 - 4:58 am

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim warned the government of the deaths of prisoners, stressing that this would lead to instability of the country and advising the government to quickly release all prisoners of conscience.

"The release of political prisoners and all prisoners of political movement is necessary justice and will be a serious introduction to reform if it happens," Sheikh Isa Qassim wrote on Twitter, on Tuesday, March 9, 2021.

He added that no serious solution or successful reconciliation would be accepted without the release of prisoners. The success of the solution is linked to the release of all prisoners of conscience, on top leaders and figures of the political movement.

Sheikh Qassim said "the alternative punishment system is not a solution and it is similar to the open prisons system. The solution lies in giving freedom to all prisoners of conscience. Do it quickly for the sake of the whole nation."

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