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Responding to Demands to Participate in any Potential US-Iranian Negotiations, Tehran Says: Bahrain and Saudi Arabia should Know their Size

2020-12-08 - 7:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: Iran responded to demands of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to take part in any potential US negotiations with Iran saying that these states should know their size.

Responding to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain demands to participate in any potential negotiations with Iran, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Saeed Khatibzadeh said in a press conference on Monday (December 7, 2020) "some states sacrifices their reputation to achieve their goals during the term of the now outgoing US president and spent their peoples' money to buy themselves short-lived security."

He added that Iran is the port of stability and a major and historical state in the region and has sought as the elder brother to overlook the mistakes of these countries (Saudi Arabia and Bahrain) which should know their position in international relations and regional arrangements.

Regarding any potential reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Qatar and its effect on relations between Iran and Qatar, he said: We welcome any settlement of tensions in the Persian Gulf region. The Iranian foreign minister announced that they welcome any solution and political settlement to this crisis.

He continued: the UAE and Saudi Arabia have used a brute way to impose a blockade on Qatar, and by resolving this issue, conditions must return to their normal state. Relations between Iran and Qatar are not affected by a third element, Iran has always stood with all the countries of the region in difficulties and détente.

With respect to the statements of the Saudi Foreign Minister, who asked Biden to stand up to Iran, he said: Our recommendation to Saudi Arabia and its rulers that the problems they have created for the Arab and Muslim worlds can be solved by reforming its course and they will achieve nothing from the evasion of responsibility.

"Riyadh is responsible for many problems, war, famine and bloodshed in Yemen and is responsible for some practices from the Horn of Africa to Southeast Asia, and many Takfiri schools are run by Riyadh," he added.

The Saudi people deserve better policies instead of the Saudi rulers begging players from outside the region, especially America and Israel.

On the Saudi foreign minister's remarks on the need to impose a permanent ban on uranium enrichment in Iran, Khatibzadeh said that Saudi Arabia is behaving inappropriately toward the countries of the region track and that it should fix its course on bilateral and regional issues and get back on them quickly. The spokesman concluded by saying that "anyone can make statements but it is better for him to speak within his limits and size."

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