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MoI Threatens Participants in Commemorating 40th Anniversary of Ashoura with "Legal Measures"

2020-10-06 - 7:13 p

Bahrain Mirror: Interior Ministry issued a provocative statement threating to take legal measures against the majority of Shiites participating in the commemoration of 40th anniversary of Imam Hussein martyrdom (Arbaeen) in case of holding gathering in the homes.

"In relations with the affirmation of the cabinet of the importance of commitment to social and national responsibility to reduce the spreading rates of coronavirus through following precautionary measures of the medical team. Along with the statement of the Jaffary Endowments Directorate announcing the ban of gatherings while marking the 40th anniversary of the Ashoura," the ministry said in a statement.

The Interior Ministry affirmed the importance to follow precautionary measures in marking the occasion, through online broadcasting of events on social media and avoiding home gatherings.

Reports of Health Ministry highlighted a remarkable increase in infections among children and women and rise in fatalities; thus, there is a need to deal responsibly with the current extraordinary situation.

It added "The Interior Ministry expressed appreciation for the spirit of cooperation of heads of Maatams (community centres) for their commitment to precautionary measures by banning gatherings and mourning processions around Maatams. Also their decision to mark the occasion virtually."

Legal steps will be taken against violators for the protection of public health and the safety of the public for being a national duty.

This provocative language from Bahrain's Interior Ministry is not unusual, as it has used to threaten Shiite citizens on several religious and political occasions.

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