By Sheikh Isa Qassim: The Main Problem

2020-10-06 - 6:49 p

Any ruling system which is either based on a solid foundation, a firm ground of a strong positive relationship or an authentic collective connection with its people or nation is embraced by its people. When the ruling system's heart, tongue, hands and eyes are used to protect its nation, its nation protects it as well.

This has its own cause and does not happen for no reason.

It is because the people and nation find in this ruling system the guardian of their religion, if they have a religion, and all the interests that matter to them. They see that their security lies in the system's security, their stability and their force in that of the system. They acquire their pride from its pride and see that their wealth is connected to its wealth and that the victory of one is the victory of the other and that their defeat is one.

The greater the consensus between the nation or people and the authority, and the deeper, more comprehensive and truer the thought, emotions, visions, interests and objectives, the more solid the ground on which the ruling system stands will be. Hence, the path to the authority's success in its policy becomes more open, and its security becomes stronger.

When the state's objectives and those of the people are the same, success in goals becomes a success for all, so is the case with achieved interests, the resulting strength, the common good and the motivation for more cooperation.

The internal situation of the people and the authority is thus fortified, the state's position is elevated abroad, and the door of blackmail and exploitation by external forces, who desire to exploit internal disintegration, is shut close.

However, if the government loses its popular base that embraces, protects and interacts with its policies, and trusts its goals, projects and plans, and that base is replaced with a constant skepticism of what the government adopts, calls for or heads towards in its policy, there will be only one result; the shaking of the country's condition, weakness of production, underdevelopment, people's fear of the government, government's fear of the people, as well as the regime resorting to external governments, paying hefty prices for national independence, i.e. the pride of the people, religion and human dignity in order to secure itself from the people. 

As a result, the government and its decision regarding domestic and foreign policy becomes reliant on the external forces on which they have become dependent for their survival and protection from the people.

The separation between the nation and the people begins on the one hand, and the ruling regime on the other hand, takes place with the regime imposing itself on them. This separation renders its policy not concerned with the affairs of their religion and the interests of their lives, and makes it harsh on the issues of their livelihood and religion. It causes it to even to snatch their source of income and shelter and unjustly confiscate people's freedoms, collecting the wealth of the nation at the expense of the dispossessed for extravagance and luxury, taking over the oppressed and buying traitors, and paying hefty prices for corruption and tyrants abroad, who would in return protect and support it in its aggression against its people and nation.

Governments are the first to know what intellectual and psychological disparity produces. The violation against the sanctities of the people, the hostility towards the interests of the governed, the restrictions on their livelihood, the domination of power and oppression, as well as the political, economic, social and moral corruption all produce a huge gap between the government and the people that cannot be filled. This makes them in constant fear for their rule from the people, thus treating the people more viciously than a wild beast.

This alienation between any people and government, the unjust and cruel policy of the government, the fear from the people over the existence of its power, and the reassurance and security it demands for this existence, prompts it to behave in an undesirable manner, steering clear of the thought of taking the right decision and building a healthy and just relationship with the people based on respect and cooperation that builds a strong nation and just and intimate relations with its people. Such a choice cannot be avoided by those who are sane.

The governments of muslims are in constant tension in their relationship with their people due to the intellectual and emotional detachment between them on the level of life interests, which arouses their constant fear of their peoples, resorting to a number of things to secure their positions:

1-      Adopting the policy of preventing the knowledge of Islam, fighting the Islamic consciousness among its peoples, weakening its conscience and morality, its general association with Islam, and working to create a massive separation between its people and Islam at the level of thought, passion, purpose and behavior, and creating a state of estrangement between these peoples and Islamic identity, creating an attitude that is less accepting of Islam and burdened by its teachings, a culture of surrender to the oppression of the regimes and their products which are far from Islam.

 2-      Adopting the language of oppression and eradication of every free voice that calls for justice, freedom and respect for values.

3-      Creating a group of preachers of the sultans to be the "voice of conscience", who deliver sermons upon the request of the authorities to turn what is right to wrong and what is wrong to right, in order to justify all the authorities' stances and objectives.

These wicked preachers are good at making people patient towards the wrongdoings and promise them rewards.

4-      Working on dismantling society, finding many social contradictions among its components, and weakening its forces so that it will no longer be able to get rid of the injustice of unjust power, so that each party wages war against the other whenever it desires power, exploiting everyone.

5-       Falling into the arms of a mighty tyrant force hostile to Islam and the nation in order to protect it from the indignation of the people, whom it does not trust to continue its oppression, blackmail and oppression against them, depending on force. This kind of government rule is a proxy rule of an abroad enemy that is deeply hostile to Islam and the nation.

If you ask about normalization between some Arab governments and the Israeli enemy, and the alliance between them and the United States and Israel, it cannot come from the relationship of cohesion between governments and peoples, and can only result from one degree of separation or more.

Every government knows to return to its people and every government knows the interest of peoples and countries, and how to gain the trust of its people.

*Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Ahmad Qassim

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