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Nasser bin Hamad Purchases Horse Worth over $3 Million

2020-09-15 - 2:49 am

Bahrain Mirror: Chief of Strategic Security Agency and King's son, Nasser bin Hamad, bought a horse worth over $3 million, media websites specialized in auctions of selling horses and other animals reported.

Chairman of SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights, Jawad Fairooz, who retweeted the piece of news on his Twitter account commented saying "In light of the country's severe economic crisis, the scarcity of state financial resources, increase in public debt and low income of Bahraini citizens, son of the king, Nasser bin Hamad, a senior state official, buys a horse worth $3.2 million."

Bahraini trainer Fawzi Nass, who was speaking alongside St Lawrence, said the filly had been bought for Nasser Al Khalifa, in partnership with KHK Racing and would head into training in England but that no trainer had been decided. 

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