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Al-Wefaq Deputy S-G to Authorities: Stop Targeting Husseini Rituals

2020-08-17 - 9:10 am

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy Secretary-General of the Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi said that lovers and Shiites of Imam Al-Hussein will commemorate his martyrdom in all available means. "You will never stop them," he addressed the authorities.

Sheikh Al-Daihi criticized in his tweets the restrictions imposed by the authorities against Ashura commemoration and exploitation of the Coronavirus epidemic to prevent Husseini rituals.

He said that every year, the Bahraini regime searches for new opportunities and means to target the Ashura season, and when it found no other new means, it assigned state security informants to monitor the prayers preachers say at the end of the mourning. "Today, the regime wants to make use of the Coronavirus pandemic with all the means to impose restrictions on the rituals. Imam Al-Hussein banners will not fall," he tweeted.

Sheikh Al-Daihi stressed that the regime has allowed the opening of several areas of everyday life without taking into consideration the Coronavirus protocols or imposing social distancing and time limits, however, it set a limited time for Ashura commemoration and imposed detailed procedures. "Al-Hussein will remain a beacon of light despite all the Bahraini authorities' attempts," he added.

The deputy Secretary- General expressed bewilderment at excluding the religious gatherings from resumption as part of the procedures of reopening the areas of everyday life. He wondered whether the religious gatherings will attract the Coronavirus. "Stop your hatred and stop targeting Husseini rituals. You didn't succeed in your targeting and will not succeed today or in the future. The lovers and Shiites of Imam Al-Hussein will commemorate his martyrdom by all the available means. You will never stop them."

As much as you impose deliberate restrictions on Ashura rituals commemoration, in a manner that doesn’t comply with the health requirements, the glow of Al-Hussein's principles and Ashura lessons will grow brighter in the souls of the patient people who are promised victory.

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