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Mohammad Ramadan: I'm Innocent, Photos and Medical Reports Prove I was Tortured, The Washington Post

Family of death row prisoner Mohammad Ramadan
Family of death row prisoner Mohammad Ramadan

2020-07-16 - 9:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini prisoner Mohammad Ramadan, who is on death row, says that he is innocent of the charges raised against him, stressing that he was tortured for the purpose of extracting the confessions upon which he was convicted, reported The Washington Post.

An appeals court had found evidence that Mohammad Ramadan and Hussain Moosa, who are accused of killing a policeman, had been tortured, before requesting a retrial.

"I am Mohammed Ramadan. Sentenced to execution. And I know that nobody might care about or listen to me, because I do not have money, or a [high] position, and am not famous," he said, according to a recording made by his wife, Zeinab.

"There are pictures, medical reports, witnesses, which all prove that I was tortured," Ramadan said. "I am innocent of the crime of which I was accused, subjected to a sham trial and sentenced to death. My death will be unlawful, and yet, it has been [ordained] by law."


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