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Labor Ministry Annuls Decision Allowing Training Institutions to Resume Work

2020-06-13 - 12:39 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Labor Ministry annulled a decision allowing training institutions to resume their work and receive trainees.

The training institutions received yesterday night a message stating that the decision issued by Labor Minister Jameel Hmaidan last Tuesday was annulled.

Although it was not issued directly by the coordinating committee chaired by the Crown Prince, the decision to open the institutes to learners was made "on the basis of the presentation of the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus."

However, the new circular that canceled this previous decision and ordered the suspension of training activities at private institutes and training centers until further notice didn't contain further explanations.

It is remarkable that the decision was cancelled immediately after the meeting of the coordinating committee yesterday. The Ministry of Labor didn't publish this important decision and only circulated it to the institutes, without any press release. Besides "Bahrain Mirror", the Al-Bilad newspaper was the only local newspaper to publish a piece of news about the decision, without reference to a direct official source.

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