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Bahrain Ranked 11 across the World in terms of Coronavirus cases with respect to Population

2020-05-23 - 9:09 am

Bahrain Mirror: International sites specialized in following up data on the Coronavirus epidemic have shown that Bahrain ranked 11th across the world in terms of Coronavirus cases with respect to population.

Bahrain has recorded a total of 8,369 infections since the first case was announced at the end of February 2020, which is considered a very high number with respect to its population (4,940 per million).

Qatar (which has been under siege by 3 Gulf States for 3 years) came in the second rank in the world on this index, while Kuwait came in the 14th.

According to the indications, the rate of infections in Bahrain began to bizarrely increase by the end of April (Ramadan month) and exceeded the average of 350 cases in some days. Data showed that the number of infections in Bahrain doubled in just two weeks.

In light of this serious deterioration, the Ministry of Health has been forced to increase its capacity more than once, amid doubts about its ability to afford more.

Observers say that what is happening is a natural result of the lax handling with residency violations, over many years, and the inadequate living conditions of hundreds of thousands of foreign workers (477,000 workers by the end of 2019), who most of them get salaries that don't exceed 200BD.

In return, the authorities decided to open the barber shops after the holiday, and to keep the coffee shops and gyms closed for further notice. The authorities also kept the rest of the shops open to the public with commitment to "precautionary measures".

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