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Bahrain Transparency Society: Prices of Masks in Local Markets Increased 200%

2020-04-12 - 7:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain Transparency Society issued a statement on the increase of masks prices, saying that "the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued several decisions since the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic in the world, including setting the price of the normal mask at 100 fils for 3 months. The prices then increased to 140 fils. The ministry later abolished the decision and freed the prices. Since the beginning of setting the price, shortage in masks in local markets was noticed."

It added "after the ministry abolished its decision 32/2020 on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, on freeing prices of masks selling, one million masks were introduced to the local market, in coincidence with applying new measures which oblige citizens and residents to wear masks in public places."

"The society thinks that the disappearance of masks from most of the pharmacies since the Coronavirus epidemic outbreak needs an accurate surveillance by the Commerce Ministry to make sure that some suppliers or traders do not take advantage of this situation and store masks until their prices are freed and then pump them into the market. Prices have increased 200%."

Bahrain Transparency Society expressed "further concern for this unjustified significant rise in prices and called on the relevant ministerial authorities, in particular the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, to intervene, as it is responsible for maintaining the right price and limiting this increase. The ministry is responsible for setting prices deemed suitable for everyone, especially those with limited incomes, taking into account that this commodity has become necessary to wear, in compliance with the new measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, and in compliance with the instructions. The society also called on pharmacy owners and merchants to return the normal prices."

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